Why Book with Us?

Hafla Entertainment is a well established entertainment company providing entertainment services across the UK. Why book with us?

Personal service.

All our entertainment is bespoke: We don’t just send you a price list, we discuss your event with you and help you choose the perfect artists and the perfect entertainment format for your event. We work on all kinds of events and provide just as much care to our clients’ small family parties as we do to our biggest corporate events.


We understand that a great performance is about a lot more than a pretty costume. We represent acts from around the world and are proud to have many clients from the art forms’ cultures of origin: we are the company that Egyptians come to for Egyptian wedding processions, that Indians come to for bhangra drummers, that Brazilians come to for samba dancers. Whether entertaining at a themed event or for clients from an act or service’s culture of origin, we take pride in representing the arts of a variety of cultures in a way that celebrates those cultures and uses their costumes and symbols respectfully.


We love a good challenge. Whether you have an unusual theme or want to push the limits of a classic one, we’re full of ideas. For an Arabian Nights theme party, we have not only bellydancers and henna artists but also Arabic calligraphers and whirling dervishes. For a Wonderland theme we have Alice on stilts, and also a burlesque white rabbit and a tarot-reader Caterpillar. As for unusual themes, we’ve handled event themes ranging from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to Belle Epoque to Hellfire Club.

Experienced professional performers.  

All our artists are experienced, reliable professionals. We rarely work with early-career artists of any kind, as we prefer people who have spent time honing their skills before coming to us. And we care about performers’ punctuality, good communication and professional behaviour as much as you do. We like to ensure not only that you enjoy the show, but that communication with the artists is easy and pleasant.


Our aesthetic is decadence and creative luxury. Performers invest in high quality costumes and materials so we can present you with the most beautiful entertainment possible.

A popular and trusted company.

Here are just a few of our previous clients…

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