Bollywood Dancers

If you are planning a wedding, corporate event or party and are looking for something truly spectacular to begin your evening, the Bollywood dance troupe is just what you need.

Imagine the scene: your guests arrive and are seated and ready to begin their meal, the music from a popular Bollywood film begins. Bollywood dancers enter the floor and entertain you with a medley of graceful classical moves, up-tempo street choreography and a finale of high-energy Bhangra beats. Whether you want classic bollywood, or a fusion involving bhangra, hip-hop or breakdance, we have the right troupe for your event.

Some of our dance troupes can perform a mix of bhangra and bollywood sets.

Some Bollywood artists are also available as comedians, doormen, hostesses, stiltwalkers and fire performers. Some troupes offer fusion shows of Bollywood combined with other styles such as hip hop and Arabic dance. We even have an acro-bollywood troupe! If watching isn’t enough, our dancers can lead you and your guests in a Bollywood dance workshop after the show. We can also arrange for dhol players, a sitar and table music duo, decor, henna artists, costumes for guests, even a palanquin for the guest of honour to make a grand entrance.

Bollywood looks best with three dancers or more, so most troupes do not offer duo performers and no troupes offer soloists except for workshop instruction. Events with smaller budgets may wish to consider solo acts such as bellydancers, snakecharmers, henna artists or bollywood-themed fire dancers, which can all be performed solo.

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