Middle Eastern Dancers (Folkloric and Regional Styles)

Bellydance isn’t the only dance in the Middle East! Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa have many dance styles to offer, from group folk dances to captivating solos.

Fokloric dance can add variety to a bellydance performance, or be a show of its own. Dancers can perform as soloists, duets, or troupes. This option is especially popular at weddings, cultural festivals, and events such as Nowruz (Persian New Year).

Styles include folkloric dances from the following countries:

Turkish Dancers

Turkish Roman (Gypsy. Including Roman Havası, Ağır Roman)

Egyptian Dancers

Baladi (urban folkoric dance of Egypt, also can be categorised as a bellydance style)

Saidi (Dance of Upper Egypt, particularly associated with cane/stick dancing)

Tanoura (Egyptian “Whirling Dervish” Dance). This is a colourful dance that developed from the devotional practice of Sufis. It includes a colourful costume and may also be done as an LED glow show with a glowing costume. Hire a ‘whirling dervish’ style performer for you next event.
Includes raqs al-assaya (cane/stick dancing)

Syrian, Palestinian and Jordanian Dancers


Arabian Gulf Dancers

Khaleegi (Dance of the Arabian Gulf)

Persian Dancers

Iranian dance
Sema (Sufi whirling or “whirling Dervish” style dance)

Iraqi Dancers

Qawliya – the Iraqi “hair dance”

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