Glass Walkers, Bed of Nails, Sword Swallowers

Hafla Entertainment offers a variety of sideshow acts including: bed of nails, ladder of swords, glass walking, giant bubbles and human blockhead. These are all short acts of their own, just a few minutes per act, so all artists are multi-skilled and can perform a variety of acts including snakecharming, bellydancing, bed of nails, chainsaw acts, glass walking, human blockhead, needle swallowing, fire breathing, fire dancing and real or illusory sword swallowing.

Hire a glass walker
Lovely ladies performing death-defying champagne-bottle-smashing feats for your delight.

Hire a bed of nails performer
And watch her lie unharmed across its points…

Hire a human blockhead
And see nails and staples used in ways the manufacturers never intended…

Hire a sword swallower
And watch a seemingly impossible feat. As genuine sword swallowing is an extremely dangerous and rare skill, it is the most expensive solo act we offer. For a smaller budget, we can provide a sword-swallowing illusionist.

Acts may be part of a cabaret stage show or in some cases combined with burlesque or bellydance routines. These acts are especially popular at circus, sideshow, burlesque and magic themed events. You may also be interested in our snake charmers, clowns (both the child-friendly and sinister kinds) and fire eaters. Our acts can be tailored for any kind of event from children’s parties to nightclubs to festivals to balls.

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