Snake Charmers

Snake charmers to amaze guests at your eventAdd an exotic thrill to your event with one of our beautiful snake charmers. A snake charmer performs walkabout sets in which she mingles with the guests. Some snake charmers can begin the show with a snake dance. This act is very popular for family and children’s events but can be adult-oriented as well.

The snake charmers have a variety of themes for their act and costumes, including Middle Eastern, circus/sideshow, Garden of Eden, jungle, fantasy sorceress, Venetian masquerade, Heaven-and-Hell, Seven Deadly Sins, Harry Potter theme events (House Slytherin!), rock/metal, fetish/dominatrix, showgirl, Rio Carnival, retro pin-up burlesque, Indian Bollywood, Salma Hayek’s dance from Dusk ‘Till Dawn’, Venetian masquerade, white tie ballgown, zookeeper, Indiana Jones, Diwali party and Wild West.

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