Burlesque Artists, Showgirls, Vintage Dancers

Choose from a variety of vintage, showgirl and burlesque acts, from classic retro glamour with can-can dancing, boas and feather fans to colourful international acts and performances themed for holidays such as Halloween of Valentines Day. We even offer circus burlesque featuring fire eating, hula hooping and glasswalking, as well as homages to pop culture icons such as Jessica Rabbit and Genie (from Aladdin). For a Hollywood theme event, Jessica Rabbit, Marilyn Monroe and other stars of the big screen can entertain you and your guests. Other popular themes include vintage, casino, Moulin Rouge, the Great Gatsby, and James Bond.

Burlesque performers may be hired not only for burlesque shows, but also meeting and greeting, compering, and hostessing.

Several burlesque artists also offer burlesque workshops–a popular option for hen nights and birthdays. Learn a striptease out of opera gloves, or make your own pair of pasties! And if you don’t want to stop the party for a full-length workshop, we can do mini-workshops of about 15 minutes.

Burlesque shows may be tailored for different tastes and venues and most artists can offer non-strip versions of their acts.

For something more family-friendly, hire a vintage dance troupe. Vintage dance shows are particularly appropriate for a family audience and can include 1920s Charleston, 1940s swing, 1950s jive, tap-dancing, Broadway and jazz.

We also work with Hollywood and Vegas style showgirls. If you like the elaborate feather headdresses worn by our vegas showgirls, have a look at our Samba and Carnival page as well.

And don’t forget to check out our burlesque and vintage singers in our Music and Bands section!

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